Brand analysis and strategic planning

  • Assist in analysing your brand along with management team
  • Draft strategic marketing and public relations objectives
  • Set strategic marketing and public relations goals
  • Align marketing objectives and goals in a detailed annual strategy for execution

Broadly defined the annual strategy may include

  • Monthly social media content focus and engagement guidelines customised to suit your brand
  • Monthly digital communications (blogs/newsletters) content customised to communicate with your target audience and database
  • Monthly media engagement with targeted print and online media titles customised to reach your target audience
  • Monthly influencer engagement with targeted trade and industry influencers customised to reach your brand goals
  • Action planning and execution
  • Our team will be actively involved with every aspect of your annual marketing and communications plan from conceptualisation to execution
  • Our team joins forces with a third party to offer detailed media monitoring services
  • Our team focus on print, digital as well as broadcast media

Marketing and Public Relations Services

  • Brand Analysis
  • Annual marketing and public relations strategies
  • Monthly content strategies for social media and digital platforms
  • Destination Marketing
  • Press releases and press drops
  • Profile building of key personalities
  • Brand building, awareness, positioning and corporate identity
  • Media relations, events and engagement
  • Trade and influencer relations, events and engagement
  • Database marketing

Why choose Cape Wine Farms as your business partner?

  • We have a large existing consumer database and the digital infrastructure - extending your brand efforts
  • We have a large consumer following on social media platforms
  • We have a large newsletter and blog consumer following
  • We boost all our clients events, offerings and activities on the Cape Wine Farms platforms
  • We have a large media, influencer and trade database to communicate your offerings to
  • We have a large industry database creating opportunities for brand collaboration
  • With our existing infrastructure and database we can increase - or even double - your brand efforts
  • We have a large existing captive audience
  • We commit to a small client portfolio to ensure our clients receive the attention they deserve
  • Our packages are customised to suit each clients individual needs