About Us

Cape Wine Farms offers unique marketing & communications packages customised to suit the needs of the South African wine industry.

We believe in the power of communicating authentic brand stories and the positive impact it has on brand positioning. We work closely with our clients to develop their unique brand architecture ensuring competitive positioning and ultimately sharing the essence of their brand with key media titles, trade, influencers and consumer targets.

Because of their extensive combined wine industry experience, the Cape Wine Farms team is very knowledgeable about the complete spectrum of which procedures to follow strategically and how to do it in order to ultimately reach the desired objectives. Even more important – we can determine what makes sense for each of our clients’ unique brands and strategic objectives.

Our unique offering not only includes media partnership and influencer marketing but Cape Wine Farms also offers listing packages on our mobile application, digital marketing services (social media, blogs, newsletters) and promotions of our clients events and unique offerings to our large captive consumer database.