Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive on a daily basis. If your question is not in the list, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

1. Points

1.1. What are "points"?

Users of the Cape Wine Farms mobile app can win badges when checking in at wine farms. If you win a badge, you gain a certain amount of points. These points are added to your total score and can be used to get discounts on the Cape Wine Farms online shop.

1.2. How do I accumulate more points?

Currently there is only one way to gain more points and that is by winning badges. Download the Cape Wine Farms mobile app and check in at wine farms. If you check in enough times, you will win badges. Each badge you win will score you some points!

1.3. How many points do I get for every badge I win?

The harder it is to win a badge, the more points you are likely to get. For example, when you check in at a wine farm for the first time you will win the "First Wine Farm Check-in" badge: First Wine Farm Check-in Badge
But as this is an easy badge to win, it only gives you 250 points.

1.4. Are points worth money?

Yes! For every 100 points you gain, you will be able to deduct R1 from selected products on the Cape Wine Farms online shop.

1.5. Is there any limit to point purchases?

No, but it is likely that in the near future we might add certain limitations that will give more users a chance to buy items using points. For example, we will most likely limit users to only 1 purchase using points per month. However, this limit has not been added as yet.

1.6. What is the difference between the "Top 100" and "Friends" scoreboards?

Top 100: Lists the top 100 users with the highest scores on the Cape Wine Farms mobile app.
Friends: Lists the rankings of you and your friends only.

1.7. How do I check in at a wine farm?

  • Download the Cape Wine Farms mobile app here.
  • Visit one of the many wine farms found on the website (currently 485).
  • Use the "Check In" option on the mobile app when you are at the wine farm.
  • 1.8. What can I do with points?

    Points have two purposes on the Cape Wine Farms platform:

    1.9. Do my points become less after I use them to buy something?

    If you have 10 000 points, and you purchase something for 5 000 points, your score will remain as 10 000 on the scoreboard, but the amount allowed to be used for "point purchases" will decrease by 5000, leaving you with only 5 000 "cash points".

    2. Badges

    2.1. What are "badges"?

    Badges are the rewards given to users who frequently check in at wine farms and wine farm events. Each badge entitles you to a certain amount of points.

    2.2. What are some the different conditions to winning a badge?

    Badges can be won for various reasons including:
    • Checking in at a Wine Farm on a specific day (e.g Holloween, Valentine's Day, etc)
    • Checking in at a large number of different wine farms
    • Checking in at events

    2.3. How many badges are there to win?

    You can see the full list of badges here. If a badge has been won, it will be shown here. If no one has won a specfic badge, it will show a question mark. This list is constanly changing as we add more badges.

    3. Friends

    3.1. What are "friends"?

    With the Cape Wine Farms mobile app you are able to connect with friends. If you connect with a friend, you will be able to see their private profile, which includes:
    a) Recent activity (checkins, photos posted etc)
    b) Score and rankings

    3.2. What happens if I do not accept a friend request?

    The request will disappear from your screen until that user invites you again. If you never want to receive an invite from a user again, you can block that user.

    3.3. I cannot find any of my friends?

    Your friends must be a user of the Cape Wine Farms mobile app in order for their names to appear in the search.

    4. About Us

    4.1. When was Cape Wine Farms established?

    Our website was first launched in October 2014, while the mobile app was launched in October 2016.

    5. General

    5.1. I cannot find the answer I am looking for?

    Please complete the contact us form and we will respond to your question via e-mail.